Indigo Child: Check Out If You Have One In Your Family

Indigo children is a new age concept, where the children are believed to possess special traits. The Indigo child is a very interesting phenomenon happening all over the world for the last 10 years. Indigo kids are born with amazing spiritual, artistic and intuitive abilities.

Indigo’s are born with indigo-hued aura instead of being shades of rainbow aura, higher intelligence levels, exceptional memory & immense psychic abilities right from their childhood. They have wisdom and caring for others far more than their youthful experiences. Traditional parenting does not work with them most of the times as they feel they know better & are quite stubborn so a power struggle is always in play.

Indigo children are extremely bright, develop their Indigo characteristics at an early age. They are gifted souls who are highly sensitive with higher consciousness. They are old souls who started incarnating and appearing in the 1970’s with a clear mission of developing a path for future generations to create greater peace and harmony. They generally pave a path for Crystal children to come and make an environment of spirituality and teach unconditional love.

The indigo’s arriving or taking birth around 1970’s till 1992’s and are majorly warrior personalities. A lot of Indigo’s currently will be in their 20’s or 30’s.

Indigo children are said to possess clairvoyant and healing abilities and as they vibrate at much higher frequencies so they are able to access the forth & fifth dimensions. They are artistically very sound, technologically competent and can be quite adventurous by nature. They are truth seekers and very passionate about what they do.

Some of the common Indigo traits are:

  • They feel and know that they are born special, sometimes they feel they are like royalty.
  • They are confident that they were destined to be born as Indigo.
  • They have very high expectations in all their relationships.
  • They perceive the world differently and feel quite self-assured that if Indigo’s manage then this world would be a much better place.
  • They usually know their viewpoints and ways are the right ones, so its difficult for them to accept authority.
  • They are highly creative musically and artistically.
  • They are great leaders and often lead in businesses, family, relationships and even society.
  • They feel that they are different than others which can make them feel lonely at times.
  • They are very soul driven to handle any matter.
  • Highly psychic in nature.
  • They are strong-willed independent thinkers.
  • If not energetically balanced they can be highly reactive, which can lead to anxiety or even depression.
  • Often indigo’s are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD as their brain can process information faster.
  • They can have food and environment related problems as they are more sensitive to such things as their system is much more finely tuned than others.

Indigo children are being called the next step in human evolution. Although indigo children are said to be the bridge to the future still studies are going on in this regard and nothing is established scientifically so far.

Check out if you are a parent of an Indigo child as these children choose their parents, whom they feel can nurture them. If you feel, you have an Indigo in the family, then focus on their abilities and let them make this world a better place.

Post by: Parul Khanna / Soul Discovery

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