The Five Elements

The Universe is comprised of 5 elements. Not only the universe, but we also are made up of the same 5 elements.

These are Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Fire (Agni), Air (Vayu) and Ether( Akash). Everything that is in existence is composed of all the 5 elements.

Genesis, growth, and destruction of every being (living and non-living both) is due to change in the elemental composition that forms it.

From the supreme soul, ether (Akash) came into being; from the ether, came air (Vayu); from the Air, came fire (Agni); from fire, came water (Jal), from water came Earth Prithvi).

Earth is the basis of our gross body. It represents the solidity. The body-type, skin colour, structure (lean/ robust/ obese)- are all related to the earth element.

The food tastes good and is healthy as long as the ingredients are present in the right ratio. Similarly, a balance in the elemental ratio keeps one healthy and fit in mind and body. Any imbalance in the ratio brings about physical illnesses or mood disturbances.

Let us look at the elements and the body  parts they are present in. Also, the chakras that each element is linked with.

  • Earth: present in nails, hair, skin, organs, bones, teeth, muscles.

Chakra – Mooladhara/Root

  • Water: present in blood, sweat, tears, urine, mucus, phlegm, bile, pus etc.

Chakra- Swadhisthan/Sacral

  • Fire: a part of bodily processes like digestion.

Chakra: Manipura/Navel

  • Air: present in lungs, airways.

Chakra: Anaahat/Heart

  • Ether: present throughout the body.

Chakra: Vishudhi/Throat.

In subsequent parts, let us study the effects of the imbalance of each element on the mind/body and resources of the element.

Post By: Dr. Preeti Chawla 

Dr. Preeti Chawla is a Mumbai based Life Coach, Psychologist and Certified Professional Trainer. She has her educational background in homeopathic medicine (B.H.M.S.) and psychology (M.A.). The human mind is her main arena of work. With an objective of empowering one’s Inner Self and actualizing one’s true potential, she conducts live and online workshops on Meditation, Emotional Resilience and Law Of Attraction. She believes that mastering one’s mind and emotions can bring about mastery over one’s life.  Also, the mental and emotional empowerment of women is what she aims at.

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