Unblock Your Chakras To Unlock Your True Potential

If you want to move past your challenges & get over your fears in life, then a clear & proper understanding of your chakra system is highly required, which is the key to remove all obstacles in your life.

In today’s world where complementary medicine is widely used by people, the word Chakra often comes up. The chakra system originates from Hindu & Buddhist religions. Till a few years back, chakras were unheard of, then slowly it started getting known and in no time it was very widely acknowledged in a huge way even in the West too. At the moment people across the world are aware of this concept and its great importance in our everyday lives. 

What are Chakras:

Chakra is a Sanskrit word, which means a wheel. Chakras are invisible spinning wheels of energy, existing in our mind & body energy system. They are centers of activities which receive, assimilates & expresses the life force and are completely responsible for a persons physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well being.

Each and everything in this universe, irrespective of being big or small radiates energy, even our body is an energetic system through which the universal energy or life force flows. Chakras are portals or gates through which our cosmic energy flows in & out of our body.

Chakras are not physical entities, they are energetic, so if you are not able to see them, it does not mean that they don’t exist. There are many big & small chakras in our body but seven of them are known as the primary chakras and they exist at 7 points in our body.

Each of them has their own characteristic features like their placement within our body, color, association with particular organs & glands, their vibrational frequencies, their key elements and their effect on our body and life.

 “Chakras affect each & every decision you make in your life”

A clear understanding of your chakras is the most essential key to realize all your dreams & opening your life to all the possibilities & abundance around you, as you let go of any fear, limitation or apprehensions you have. Healthy chakras maintain happiness and harmony in our in every aspect of our life, be it relationships or our personal or professional lives. In a nutshell, you can overhaul your mind, body & soul by keeping your chakras in balance.

How do chakras affect our life?

Chakras have major effects on our life. If chakras are unblocked, balanced & energized then the energy flows freely and a person is able to achieve his or her full potential, growth & happiness in every sphere of his or her life. Balanced chakras can enhance your own psychic abilities.

On the other hand, if the chakras are blocked, unbalanced and under or over energized then the energy system cannot flow freely and can result in physical illness and feel the sense of being out of balance emotionally & mentally.

How to evaluate if chakras are balanced or not:

Your chakra status or health can be evaluated and analyzed by a clairvoyant person (a clairvoyant is a person who can use extrasensory perception to see the energy of another being). The other way is energy healing by hand scanning, done by an experienced energy healer or by using dowsing pendulums.

Ways to treat, heal & balance your chakras:

Chakras can be balanced, unblocked, healed and energized by:

  • chakra meditation along with energy healing.
  • Chakra yoga helps too.
  • Usage of specific crystals and essential oils help too.

I personally find that the most effective way is the guided chakra meditation under a certified chakra & aura healer or therapist/practitioner combined with energy healing techniques.

When should a person seriously consider chakra balancing:

Chakra balancing is quite essential in general but when negative energy is blocked within any or all of your chakras, then you will definitely feel restricted and have problems in some areas of life-related to those particular chakras. If you are facing health problems, emotional, mental problems or experiencing problems in personal or professional life, then definitely you should consider chakra healing. Chakra’s are like your life force energy batteries which are charged and can be recharged at any time and every time it is needed. Chakra balancing is required to keep you healthy, grounded and progressive in life.

“Increase your Psychic abilities by keeping your Chakras balanced”

Chakra healing is surely worth your time, as during chakra healing process, you give permission to your own self to release all blocked, unwanted and negative energy in your body. After healing & energizing them, you allow the energy to be transformed into positive energy enabling your chakras to come back to the richness and positivity they originally have. The perfect way to ensure that your body’s energy system is working and running smoothly, perfectly and optimally is only by balancing chakras. When energy flows without any hindrance and in turn helps you to recognize your unlimited and true potential. The sooner you start believing & keeping your chakras in balance, the sooner you will be able to enjoy the benefits you deserve and make your life better.

Post by: Parul Khanna (Certified Chakra & Aura therapist/instructor), Soul Discovery.

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