Uncomplicate, Keep it Simple

Robert Frost had once said– “In three words, I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life- ‘It Goes On’”.  Well, mine goes on in circles! And before I can draw any conclusion I get totally consumed in the bedlam.

The experts call it the ‘Restless Mind Syndrome’. For simplicity, I just call it ‘The Maddening Effect’.

Even in times of profound pleasures, my mind would wander aimlessly. I cease to live in the moment. I took that to be the modern-day cliché of being snowed under. Well, this constant feeling of non-gravity or of being overwrought, it felt like quicksand and I found myself rapidly buried under it.

After few such bouts, I consciously started practicing the ‘So-Hum’(‘I am He/That’ or to be one with the ultimate reality) and maintain equanimity by ignoring all the chaos around. I also realized no amount of force or might brought any answers to me. So, I just let things be and waited for the epiphany of wisdom to dawn on me.

The great insight that I was waiting to be bestowed upon came in the form of a trip that I had to make to Bali, Indonesia. A wonderful week that I spent there unentangled me in ways I had never known I could. It made me realize how we are wired and why do we lose it sometimes.

The mind indeed is a monkey and must be tamed. Although I would recommend the monkey on the loose sometimes, will talk about that later.

I felt a paradigm shift the moment I stepped on this wonderful piece of land. I felt a sense of calmness exude. Praying for Sapience I could somehow feel that I might just find the answers for all that I was looking for right there. With each passing day, I found my restlessness slowing losing its battle. It was an arduous task but never thought my answers would lie in the little things that make life. I slowly found bliss in absolute silence, in observing, in feeling, in listening, in giving and in letting go of my ego! In just being one with all that God’s created.

To soak it up and get rid of the mindless chatter, here are a couple of things that one can try to bring some perspective back. It can’t get any simpler than this.

Smile – As unpretentious as it may sound. I have learned to smile often, yes, even at strangers which I never did before. I would either feel embarrassed or my ego would come in my way. I don’t really feel weird anymore even if it is not reciprocated. I learned to smile for no reason, it’s like switching on the light in a dark room bringing in hope and inspiration to those who need it. After all, we only live here for some time, why frown, Just Smile!

Embrace Silly – I realized that it is ok to act silly and let loose sometimes. As we grow older we start forgetting all the wonderful blessings & traits that we were born with…of being carefree, being curious, being hopelessly optimistic and believing that great things do happen if you persist enough. We let go of that child in us and create our own biases and judgments, thinking they would serve us better. But sometimes, it is best to let go, be silly, have fun, be honest & content, learn new things, make new friends…ah the list is endless. Just remember what you loved doing as a child. The child within you holds the key to the most complicated of situations in life sometimes. Let her/him out.

Love Thyself– How many times have you looked into the mirror and told yourself that ‘Hey you, I love you’. Also, it is not just about saying it to yourself, it’s about acknowledging all that you are or have done so far. I guess it is time that we cut ourselves some slack and take at least 5 minutes a day to say some lovely things to ourselves, let your ears hear what you want to feel for yourself!  You might not really like what you are doing at first but that must not stop you from being kind to yourself. After all. If you are unable to love yourself how are you going to find love in the world outside. Feed your soul with some sweet nothings:)

Keep it simple – We all wish to make enough money, be successful and be happy, nothing wrong with that. We are human after all. But in all the commotion we forget to define our own successes. It is somehow defined by how successful is a colleague, or a friend or even a sibling! Why? As compared to the generation before us, we have more amenities and wealth to our disposal that they could not even think of but if we spare a thought we would all unanimously agree that they lived happier lives than we do. The secret is that they kept it simple. Although technology and urbanization has made our lives easier, they have slowly distanced us from one another and from our own selves. Have only as much as you want, eat only as much your body needs, spend only as much as you should. Take time to talk to your family, friends, and neighbors in person. I’m sure you might find this difficult initially with the kind of lifestyle that we are addicted to, but I’m sure it would make you more human. Have ambitions but don’t let them ruin your peace of mind. Keep it simple.

Create something- There is something about creation that ignites a spark within you. It makes you feel alive, it makes you feel worthy. Try a new hobby or go back to something that you have always wanted to do but were unable to for whatever reason it might be. You would notice that you are awakening your soul. Initially, it might be a little frustrating as you might have to deviate a bit and discipline yourself to continue, but, stick to it and you will see that hidden joy and excitement that you haven’t witnessed in a long time, I promise. So, what are you creating today?

Awaken the ‘True You’-When was the last time you woke up at dawn and looked up the sky and saw the lovely sunrise. Nature holds such tremendous power within it to make you surrender and feel one with it. It makes all your worries dissipate and calms you. It feels like a mother singing a lullaby to her child. Look around and realize what a blessing you are born with to have mother nature still caring for you in its infinite ways. Try walking on the grass barefoot, try listening to the birds chirping, the bees buzzing, the breeze caressing your being. Breathe. Slow down. Take a moment and connect with your true self.

Life has its unique ways of teaching you wonderful things. Bali, not just physically rejuvenated me but it fed my soul too. I reconnected, with the being that I am. I met the ‘me’ that I had known always, the one, that I had discovered years back when I was eager to grow up quickly oblivious of how I would complicate my own life with all challenges and opportunities it had to offer. I had dreams which faded or succumbed to the pressures of just trying to fit in. I realized that I must keep revisiting this ageless and limitless child-woman within me from time to time to bring perspective back to life and bring that unabashed courage to achieve anything and everything.

Now, that I found the potion to subside the ‘Maddening effect’ it is indeed true that ‘Life Goes on’ and it is only wise to leave our baggage behind and travel light. After all, we have been gifted with just One Life! Let’s make the most of it. So-Hum!

Post By: Arathi Ayyangar for Soul Discovery

Arathi Ayyangar is an artist who loves to infuse aesthetics into the mundane. She specializes in Mosaic art Relief Art. She believes that life is too elegant to be left to destiny to design.

With a riot of colors, she compels her artwork to immediately fill your mind and soul with vigor, vitality, and exuberance. Her work symbolizes serenity and stillness that allows one to connect with the inner mystique called Life. You might wish to fill an empty space on your wall but she would turn your imagination into an exquisite piece of reality an artistic expression that not just fills your space but your heart as well.        

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