Akashic Record Reading

Started on July 22, 2024

Akashic records are the energetic database or records of each and every soul about their past, present & future lives. Akashic records is a library existing on the fifth dimensional plane, at the etheric level, where each book in the library is for a soul with all their information stored energetically. Hence, Akashic Records are often termed as “The Book of Life”, but it’s not a book that can be physically seen or posseses any physical place to look for.

Akashic records have data of our entire soul lifetimes, of every decision and choice made out of our free will, along with their consequences in our everyday lives, about all our activities & deeds, our feelings, emotions, thoughts, relationships and our beliefs. In simple terms, it is the history of each & every soul since its creation by the Devine power. It is a record of every soul’s journey since its inception.

Akashic records is our store house of our collective wisdom. They are one of the greatest resources we can have to manifest abundance in our lives and lead a much more meaningful life, but it’s up to us how to utilize this resource.

Intention plays a vital role in practicing Akashic records, you can be a great practitioner if you pursue it with good intentions only. Approached with malicious intent, your access will be rejected.

If you are facing roadblocks or problems in life which seem utterly meaningless to you, it might be all happenings due to reasons lesser known to you, but can be resolved and can help you live your life with less resistance, if you have proper understanding of the root causes of it.

Other benefit of Akashic records is that it helps you understand the purpose of your life and you can lead a better existence by resolving many reasons which are creators of a lot of your problems – which stop you from experiencing true potential in life and gaining wisdom & wealth & happiness.

If you want to either study Akashic records to have an in-depth knowledge & understanding or simply to take a Akashic records reading session, it’s advisable to do it through an experienced or certified Akashic Records practitioner or teacher to have maximum understanding and avail maximum benefits.

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