Aura Drawing

Started on April 12, 2024

This course in Aura Drawing has been designed from a beginners perspective to provide a step by step guide from ground up to Aura drawing.

It covers not only the conceptual framework of Aura Drawing but also covers the practical aspects of getting started.

You will learn the Preparation, Communication With Your inner Child, Communication Through Joy and Creativity, Going Back to Basics, Following Your Intuition/Instinct, Energy Centers, Meditation to Awaken the Child Within, Application of Creativity Through Intuition, What is the Meaning of the Colors in the Aura?, Positioning, A Few Reasons for Using Crystals.

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  • Jennifer Smith
    Posted September 2, 2018 2:39 pm 0Likes

    Interested in aura drawing class… please send more information. Thanks

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