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Mediumship is a practice where a medium can bring messages from the loved ones in the afterlife, to ones living on the earth plane, which can be validated at the same time. Fundamentally, a medium is a bridge between the the two worlds.

A medium’s extra sensory perceptions are much vastly fine-tuned, enabling them to connect and interpret messages from the spiritual world most commonly through images, impressions, feelings, thoughts, sounds, taste & smell received during a reading session from the spirits in the other dimension. The primary objective of a medium is to bring proof of life from other side and to establish that human personality survives even after physical body dies.

A medium’s main effort is to serve human kind & the spirit world both by connecting them and bringing messages from spirits to help bring closure or empower them to overcome pain and grief from the loss of a loved one. A medium can bring hope and peace to the family members of the deceased ones by educating them that there is no such things as death and their loved ones are still just a thought away.

Mediumship is much widely accepted and appreciated now than it ever was in the past. Being practiced worldwide now for bringing hope & peace to the loved ones from the other side and helping people overcome grief.

There are many kinds of mediums like psychic mediums, mental mediums, physical mediums, trance mediums & direct voice mediums etc. Mediums often encounter a lot of skeptics who don’t believe in this phenomenon but it’s also seen that a lot of skeptics have turned into believers after having a reading with some of the experienced mediums.

Intention plays a vital role in mediumship, you can be a great medium if you pursue it with good intentions only.

Mediumship is a way of life, it is sensitive in nature and has to be taken up very seriously so If you wish to take up mediumship to establish your divine link to the spirit world, start your journey under the guidance of a well-established or a certified medium to understand the subject thoroughly. If you wish to enhance your mediumship abilities, then also, an association with an experienced medium is always helpful.

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