Spirit Guides Mastery

Started on July 23, 2024

We always choose a path before we are born and we have to walk on that path to fulfill our destiny, but we are definitely not walking alone on this path, we have help from our Spirit Guides. They are our mentors as they have had life’s experiences while they were on the physical plane.

Spirit Guides are spiritual beings who are assigned to us before we incarnate to help us cruise through life and guide us to fulfill our spiritual contract we make with our own self before we incarnate on the physical plane. Spirit guides always monitor our wellbeing and our growth and guide, support and assist us whenever we need help. They are not physical beings so we are unable to see them. With practice, slowly one starts to feel their energy whenever they are around us.

I personally touch base with my guides on a daily basis. Meditation is the tool which helps connect you with your guides. Other way is through dreams or using a programmed pendulum.

We all have inner band of guides who are present through our journey on the physical plane and there is an outer band of guides who come and go as required for us. We have many kinds of guides to guide us with different aspects of our lives.

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