Vedic Astrology

Started on July 23, 2024

Jyotish is an ancient science of divination from India. It is popularly called Vedic Astrology. It is a science which shows the effects of the planetary movements in our lives.

Unlike the western sun-signs based astrology, the Vedic Astrology goes deeper into the finer aspects of a horoscope covering almost all areas of life. It involves minute calculations, several divisional charts, planetary periods and transits of planets.

The basic principle of vedic astrology is that everything in this universe is inter linked, your karma is determined by pre-designed cosmic designs. Vedic astrology can help individuals understand themselves and their karma in an incarnation.

This science has developed through centuries of studies and observations by astrologers in India and is now practiced widely throughout the world by astrologers.

About Astrologer Ashutosh –

Astrologer Ashutosh is a Jyotishi and a Vastu Shastra expert with a well-established clientage all over the world. He has more than 25 years of experience in this field which has enabled him to refine his techniques of predictions to more accurate levels. He is an unconventional Vedic astrologer and emphasizes the application of practical and meaningful remedial measures and puts less emphasis on religious rituals, poojas, and havans.

Astrologer Ashutosh studies, diagnoses and solves almost all kinds of problems which can exist in a person’s life but his main expertise, which is much in demand, is in the area of love, marriage and business partnerships.

He is also an expert in corporate astrology where he astrologically guides the business houses in work ranging from the formation of the business to making its everyday functioning smooth and profitable.

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