Automatic Intuitive Writing

Automatic writing is a spiritual practice which allows a person to write after either connecting to one’s higher self, spirit guides, to the spirit of the departed loved ones, the ascended masters or to the Divine power.

Automatic writing is a safe and non-scary process of allowing an individual to write without using their conscious mind, it’s a way of channeling your own higher self or your spirit guides. I have attended many workshops or sessions and seen people having different approaches & processes to do automatic writing but I personally feel that meditation is the main tool which is highly helpful in mastering automatic writing.

In automatic writing, you are in a flow of writing messages which you receive from your higher self or your guides or the ascended masters. It is an intuitive sense of writing, where your consciousness is not doing any work.

Automatic writing is helpful for people seeking connection and receiving messages from the spirit guides, their loved ones in the afterlife, their ascended masters for their spiritual well-being and also for bloggers & writers who take intuitive guidance for achieving excellence in their work. Generally, the guidance that you receive is simply expressed and quite clear with some deep messages to help you or guide you.

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  • Padmini Rawal
    Posted August 24, 2018 7:54 am 0Likes

    One of my dearest friend lost her mom around six months back. Can we connect with her through automative writing?
    If yes , what is the procedure?
    Please let me know as it is very urgent.

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